Dirk Nowitzki’s former team makes Dogecoin a means of payment

Dirk Nowitzki’s former team makes Dogecoin a means of payment

The Dallas Mavericks are now integrating the DOGE as a means of payment in their official online shop.

What do wild horses and dogs have in common? No, not the green pasture, but the crypto industry.

The background is that the Dogecoin (DOGE), the cryptocurrency with the dog mascot that is now also popular in the mainstream, can now be used in the online shop of the American basketball team Dallas Mavericks to buy tickets and fan articles.

Accordingly, Dirk Nowitzki’s former club confirmed on Thursday that it is the first major company to accept the DOGE. Fans of the basketball club can use the Ethereum Code crypto payment service make their purchases with the Dogecoin.

The Mavericks have already been accepting payments in Bitcoin (BTC) for two years

This also makes them a pioneer in the sports industry in terms of the crypto market leader, although the Sacramento Kings in the NBA were the first team to introduce Bitcoin as a means of payment.

In addition to DOGE and BTC, Mavs fans can now also pay with the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Cash (BCH), USDC, GUSD, PAX and BUSD.

Stephen Pair, the CEO of BitPay, therefore emphasises that the NBA team is making an important contribution to the adoption of cryptocurrencies:

“BitPay believes that as the adoption of cryptocurrencies increases, the crypto industry will reach a tipping point where it will be fully trusted by consumers. This paves the way for blockchain payments to revolutionise the way consumers and businesses receive and spend funds.”

Prominent Mavericks owner Mark Cuban confirms DOGE’s adoption to Cointelegraph and explains the intention behind it:

“Well, sure, it’s true! Why wouldn’t we adopt it? Our crypto payment service supports it. We will hold as much of it as we can. Plus, it’s great publicity and fun to be a part of!”

The successful entrepreneur has played musical chairs in the past when it comes to his stance on cryptocurrencies. In recent months, however, Cuban seems to have taken an increasing liking to the asset class. Most recently, he himself warned bitcoin critic and gold advocate Peter Schiff that the cryptocurrency will overtake the precious metal.

The popularity of the “joke cryptocurrency” Dogecoin has again reached new heights this year, temporarily outdoing even the market leader. In the context of the GameStop affair, users of the social network Reddit had arranged to collectively buy the DOGE in protest, whereupon Tesla’s CEO also rediscovered his quirk for the dog and catapulted it to the top with several tweets.