Akoin: the listing on Bittrex starts

Through a press release released today, we learn the news that the American exchange Bittrex will open the listing of the Akoin token on November 5.

Akoin is the crypto project of the singer Akon, and aims to develop and improve the economy of African countries. Not only that, but also to help the so-called unbanked to become financially independent.

The token wants to be a payment method, but the project also wants to create a marketplace to buy and sell practically any kind of goods and services.

Among other things, Akoin can also be used to develop a decentralised system of applications (dApp).

Although there are not many details about this project, we already know that the token will be based and will use the Stellar blockchain, so a very fast blockchain that allows you to create your own token, ready for decentralised finance (DeFi).

Listing on Bittrex to grow Akoin

Certainly with the listing on Crypto Nation Pro will expand the possible market for this token, commented Akoin’s co-founder Jon Karas:

“Bittrex is one of the best and most trusted digital asset exchanges in the world. Having Akoin listed on one of the largest exchanges creates global awareness and liquidity for the Akoin token, bringing us even closer to realising our vision of bringing more opportunities and social connection to people across Africa who want to build, grow and develop their business.

Bringing a payment system to the masses, especially in a country like Africa, is a win-win for everyone, said Bittrex CEO Tom Albright:

“Using financial instruments to help those who do not have access to credit and banks is still one of the biggest unfulfilled promises in the blockchain world. We are incredibly excited about the long-awaited launch of Akoin.

In addition, there are other big names behind Akoin, such as Crystal Rose, wife of the famous Brock Pierce who ran in this year’s US presidential election.